• 商品说明

设备功能 / Equipment Functions

开机率 / Operating Rate:95%

产能 / Capacity:1200pcs/h

良品率 / Confomity Rate:99%


设备简介 / Equipment Introduction


The Gear Box Assembly Machine using split to drive turntable. It has seven automatic stations to achieve automatic feeding. Automatically tighten two screws according to the setted torque, automatic assembly 4 gears and grease evenly on gear surface. Two products assembly in one station at the same time. Automatically judge and sort defective products such as screws slip teeth, floating higher, and test the pressure of one of interference fit gears and sort the substandard products which are not well pressed-in. Automatically unloading qualified products and unqualified products. Unique method of feeding screws to ensure the reliable feeding screws, easy to maintain. Unique positioning method to ensure that even though the gear axis deviation to ± 0.5mm, the gear also can be precise assembly. Automatically emptied and completed the unfinished products. Under abnormal condition, the machine will stop and alarm, and indicate the abnormal place. The machine will automatic recording the number of qualified and unqualified products, and computing machine capacity in real-time. Comprehensive security measures to prevent accidental injury occurred.

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