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  • 商品说明

设备功能 / Equipment Functions201417182919673.jpg

开机率 / Operating Rate:95%

产能 / Capacity:900pcs/h

准确率 / Accuarcy Rate:99%


设备简介 / Equipment Introduction


Using high-precision differential pressure sensor to test whether the perfume leak or not. It can make sure high test precision and low rate of false test. 10 groups of products can be tested each time, and the machine will record and display the test data, and the test results will be indicated by lights. The test pressure can be precisely adjusted and be monitored in real-time. The machine is capacity of real-time monitoring the situation of every tested stations, any unusual tested stations will be turned off by the machine. Under abnormal condition, the machine will stop and alarm, and indicate the abnormal place. The machine will automatic recording the number of qualified and unqualified products, and it also can show the details of each testing station, and computing machine capacity in real-time. Comprehensive security measures to prevent accidental injury occurred.

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