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  • 商品说明

设备功能 / Equipment Functions

开机率 / Operating Rate:95%

产能 / Capacity:1600pcs/h

良品率 / Confomity Rate:99%



设备简介 / Equipment Introduction


This machine is an automatic welding and testing machine, with the type of round trip pull line. The stations are layed out along the round trip pull line for the following function tests: ultrasonic welding, heat-printing date codes, torque test, 30N pull test, 80N pull test, resistance test, current test, hi-pot test and so on. Multi-stations are worked together at the same time to improve production efficiency, and automatic sorting defective products of each station. Welding and all the above testing functions are finished one cycle. The machine is stabilize and just need one person to operate, greatly improve production efficiency. The machine will automatic recording the number of products and computing machine capacity in real-time. Comprehensive security measures to prevent accidental injury occurred.