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设备功能 / Equipment Functions201417175151684.gif

开机率 / Operating Rate:95%

产能 / Capacity:720pcs/h

良品率 / Confomity Rate:99%


设备简介 / Equipment Introduction


The machine using split to drive turntable. Precision peristaltic pump automatic filing quantitative perfume into the bottled container. Precision pneumatic screwdriver automatic tightening caps according to the setted torque, and automatic judge the defective products, such as slip teeth or floating higher, and it also will be indicated by the unloading station's light. Dual perfume storage tank, it is convenient to replace other kinds of perfume, not need to stop and wait for cleaning the storage tank. When the consume of perfume reaches the lower limit, the machine will alarm and automatic extract from perfume from perfume tank until add to the upper limit position. Automatically empty and complete the unfinished products. Under abnormal condition, the machine will stop and alarm, and indicate the abnormal place. The machine will automatic recording the number of qualified and unqualified products, and computing machine capacity in real-time. Comprehensive security measures to prevent accidental injury occurred.